Name's Iza Larize, proudly Pisces. I love literature as much as I love cinema. Basically this blog is dedicated to celebrating and advocating the beauty and magic of books. Here's a poem I wrote to describe the wonders of reading...

Open and Face the Book!

Books are the alarm clock that wakes your sleeping self.
The hot aromatic cup of coffee
That leads you to the richness of your book shelf,
Offering you a world you never thought you'd see.

Books are the traveling companion
That knows too many a story.
A shoulder that you can lean on
Every time the flight's making you dizzy.

Books are the colleague or classmate you've been crushing on,
Making your everyday commute worth it,
Exuding the sweetness you've never known
While sweeping you off your feet.

Books are your favorite perfume
That permeates your olfactory system,
Letting you inhale the scent of autumn,
Their fragrance resonating like a dulcet anthem.

Books are the thick savory chicken soup,
The most efficient of all remedies,
The therapeutic flavorful drupe
That cures life's enormous maladies.

Books are the velvety pillow
That you rest your head on,
Caressing your hair in a manner so mellow
You'll get lost in dreams of misty dawn.

Books are the films
In which you are the cast and crew.
Books are the dreams
You never thought would come true.

Books are the ocean's abyss,
Submerging you in its seabed.
Books are the stars' bliss,
The smiles of the sky just above your head.

Books are the threshold to a spaceless time,
To a place that gracefully transcends the earthly,
To a vast firmament so soft and sublime
You'd feel like you're walking in fields of lily.

Books are the friends and family you'll never lose
Books are the sh*t!
That didn't rhyme but f*ck it,
Just open and face the book.